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5. If, for any reason you found that should refund your money back please, contact us and after we agree on refunding your money back please be notified that 10% of the total amount will be deducted.
6. You may be presented with additional terms related to a specific purchase before you confirm the transaction. Those additional terms will also govern that transaction.

Payment Sources:
1. We want to make payments convenient, so we allow you to make payments using a number of different payment sources, like credit cards and debit cards.
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4. If you pay by credit or debit card we may obtain a pre-approval from the issuer of the card for an amount up to the amount of the purchase. We will bill your card at the time of purchase or shortly thereafter. If you cancel a transaction before completion, that pre-approval may result in your funds not otherwise being immediately available.
5. If you pay by debit card and your payment results in an overdraft or other fee from your bank, you alone are responsible for that fee.

Disputes and Reversals:
1. If you believe that an unauthorized or otherwise problematic transaction has taken place under your account, you agree to notify us immediately, so that we may take action to prevent financial loss.
2. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you waive all claims against us related to payments unless you submit the claim to us within 30 days after the charge.
3. The Payment Terms in place at the time you confirm a transaction will govern that transaction.
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